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Am I Responsive ›
Preview your site on 4 different viewports (desktop, laptop, tablet, mobile)
Android Design Guide ›
Official Android design guidelines
Android Patterns ›
Official Android pattern descriptions
Beautiful Web Type ›
Showcase of the best typefaces from the Google web fonts directory
Bootstrap ›
Front-end framework for responsive websites
Call To Idea ›
Collection of app and web component examples
Color Picker ›
Fun interactive way of picking colors and creating color palettes
Designspiration ›
Design inspirations across digital, print, interior, photography and more
Dribbble ›
Show and tell for designers
Emmet ›
Chrome extension to find responsive design breakpoints and create views for each
Favicon Generator ›
Generate multi-platform favicon pictures and HTML
Find Guidelines ›
Links to official brand guidelines of popular online brands
Font Awesome ›
Large icon font fully customizable via CSS
Font Squirrel ›
Free fonts for commercial use
Font Squirrel Web Font Generator ›
Convert and create fonts for @font-face
Fonts In Use ›
Archive of typography indexed by typeface, format, and industry
Foundation ›
Responsive front-end framework
Google Design ›
Google's entry point to design across all platforms
Google Fonts ›
636 free to use font families and counting
Google Material ›
Google's Material design guidelines
Google Material ›
Google Material color swatches for Illustrator/Photoshop and themes for Illustrator
Google Roboto ›
Google's Roboto font
Google Typography ›
Google's typography guidelines
Gratisography ›
Free high-resolution pictures that can be used on personal or commercial projects
Grid Based ›
Showcase of grid-based sites
Grid Calculator ›
Create and download grids for Illustrator or Photoshop
GuideGuide ›
Photoshop extension to simplify guide and grid creation
IcoMoon App ›
Create SVG's, PNG's, or custom fonts from 4600+ icons
Information Is Beautiful ›
Beautiful, interesting and useful visualizations, infographics and diagrams
iOS 7 UI Transition Guide ›
Official guide for app transitions from iOS 6 to iOS 7
iOS Design Cheat Sheet ›
Resolutions, icon sizes, element sizes, and typography info for iOS 7
iOS Human Interface Guidelines ›
Official iOS interface guidelines
Little Big Details ›
Collection of the finer details of design
Logoed ›
(Mostly minimalist/simple) logos
Mapsicons ›
Country maps in 11 sizes or as SVG
Media Queries ›
Inspirational websites using media queries and responsive web design
MinimalSites ›
Showcase of minimalist sites
Mobile Design Pattern Gallery ›
Flickr collection of mobile design patterns
Modern.IE ›
Get screenshots of how your site looks on several different browsers and devices
Nice Portfolio ›
Curated showcase of design portfolios on the web
One Div ›
Icons in pure CSS and one HTML div
One Page Love ›
One Page Website Designs
Pttrns ›
iPhone and iPad user interface patterns
Responsive Patterns ›
Patterns and modules for responsive designs
Screen Siz.es ›
Screen specifications of the most popular devices and monitors
Service Design Tools ›
Communication methods for the design process
siteInspire ›
Showcase of sites by styles, types and subjects
Stylify Me ›
Create a quick overview of a site's CSS styles including colors, fonts, sizing and spacing
Swissted ›
Vintage music show flyers redesigned into international style posters
The Noun Project ›
Large collection of free and paid-for icons
Typ.io ›
Curated examples of web font combinations
Type Sample ›
Identify and sample web fonts via bookmarklet or Chrome extension
Typewolf ›
Web Typography examples + background and similar font recommendations
UI Animations ›
User interface animations
UI Faces ›
Free sample avatars for UI mockups
Unsplash ›
Free (do whatever you want) hi-resolution photos, 10 new photos every 10 days
Use Your Interface ›
Transitional interface animations
User Onboarding ›
Step by step analysis of user onboarding implementations
UX Archive ›
iOS user flows for different tasks
WhatFont ›
Chrome extension to identify any web font with a simple click
Windows 8 Templates ›
Microsoft's assets for Photoshop, Illustrator, Powerpoint, Balsamiq
Windows 8 UX Guidelines ›
Official Windows 8 UI guidelines (PDF)
Workmark.it ›
View all installed fonts in your browser